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Knockout robots in Real Steel

Published 19 October 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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A 3D printed concept model of the star robot, Atom, 1/5th scale, assembled and painted

That nice special effects man out in Hollywood has been at it again – Legacy Effect’s Jason Lopes has been tirelessly building more robots for the new film Real Steel.

The premise of the film is a bit dodgy in that it expects boxing to be not only outlawed by 2020, but that it will be replaced on an illegal underground fight scene by robotic competitors controlled by antipodean side-burn masters, such as Hugh Jackman.

But it was never going to be about the storyline, the emotive screenplay or the development of characters expanding their depth of feeling.

It’s about wanting to watch big lumps of metal smash ten-bells of shite out of one another.

To make the robots as real as possible for the film, animatronic robots were built with motion capture technology used to depict the fights, the robots themselves conceptualised using 3D printing.

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Pretty pylons for future power

Published 14 October 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: bystrup, electric, danish, riba, pylons

We mighty be edging towards a wireless future, but electricity still has to find a way around the country and it might as well look good while doing it.

Danish firm Bystrup’s innovative T-Pylon design has judged as the winner of the Pylon Design competition run by the Department of Energy & Climate Change, National Grid, and the Royal Institute of British Architects.

The innovative T-shaped design is much easier on the eye than the traditional steel lattice structures that currently hang the wires around the UK. Much smaller in height its impact on the landscape and the amount of materials needed for construction is greatly reduced – all made possible by a single suspension arm carrying three conductors.

“This is an innovative design which is simple, classical and practical,” bluffed Chris Huhne, the energy and climate change secretary, while clutching a borrowed copy of Field Guide to Danish Design. “Its ingenious structure also means that it will be much shorter and smaller than existing pylons and therefore less intrusive.

“This competition has been a great success in bringing forward new and creative approaches to a pylon model which has not changed since the 1920s.We are going to need a lot more pylons over the next few years to connect new energy to our homes and businesses and it is important that we do this is in the most beautiful way possible.”

This comes as a result of 250 entries and 6 finalists, which were featured at the London Design Festival to much public interest.

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Prime Cuts: Feet meet your treat

Published 13 October 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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If I had a penny for every time a designer or engineer comes up to me and starts complaining about the state of their plates of meat* I’d be a rich man.

Fear not – we’ve found The Scholl 2in1 Hard Skin Removal System: First the roller ball delivers hyaluronic acid gel to prepare the skin for effective hard skin removal, then three safety blades are angled and arranged for targeted, effective and safe hard skin removal.

Designed in Warwickshire, prototyped in China by a firm owned by a company on Teeside, used on your feet anywhere in the world – Scholl has a truly global product.

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Job of the week: NIKID Design Engineer

Published 12 October 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Design Engineer - NIKID

Job Type: Permanent
Industry Sector: Product development and manufacturing
Software Packages: SolidWorks
Location: Central London

NIKID is an Intellectual Property development and commercialisation company working on its own portfolio, developing state of the art technology and solutions for delivery of increased human performance in elite sport and health markets.

The company is looking for a young but experienced design engineer to join its small team of product designers who are researching, designing and developing medical and green products.

As the ideal candidate you must be experienced using CAD (SolidWorks) and CAM software (5+ years).  Whilst not essential, experience of running of a machining centre would be beneficial.

The main function of the role is to produce initial sketch designs, then process these through CAD/CAM software and produce technical proof of concepts and pre-production samples.

Sound like the job for you? Apply here

If you have a vacancy that you are wanting to fill, get in touch here

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Published 04 October 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: develop3d, magazine, agricultural

Glowing with autumnal radiance the October issue of DEVELOP3D will be fending off winter for a few more weeks yet. We bring glamour to farming, motorcycles to the skies and, um, Solidworks 2012 to the masses, plus all the best news, features and reviews.

The October cover story

It might be designed for getting deep down and dirty on the farm, but agricultural machinery manufacturer Simba wanted something visually attractive for farmers, so Haughton Design has worked its magic on a new seed drill.

Register here and download the magazine for free every month

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Prime Cuts: Ford E-Bike sparks future ideas

Published 22 September 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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According to a song by a pretty young lady who seems to sport George Clooney’s chin as a novelty facial addition, there are 9 million bicycles in Beijing.

The population of the said Chinese city would be clamouring to get its hands on one of these though – Ford’s entry into the electric bike market.

Designed to show how the company’s design language can translate to a bicycle, the Ford E-Bike Concept it’s meant to show the car manufacturer’s electric mobility competence.

Ford has no plans to produce the E-Bike, which is a shame as they seem to have made a big effort to use as many standard components as possible, but it is an example of all manufacturers researching future mobility solutions – especially where there’s money to be made.

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Prime Cuts: Hozelock’s summer loving

Published 15 September 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: nx, siemens, prime cuts, arrk, garden, hozelock

Summer in an English country idylll; a place for cream teas, a spot of croquet, and wistfully flicking through a novel while perched on a sun lounger.

The reality is, as any actual resident will tell you, a season of whinging about grey clouds, winds that remove roofs from buildings and torrential rain.

Which is where my fascination with the latest Hozelock 40 metre auto-reel model comes in.

Designed by Hozelock’s in-house team, the final prototype, built by prototyping specialists ARRK, had to be whisked away to South Africa to find a scene of a romanticised English garden.

Even gardening products are feeding us lies!

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