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AU2015 - Press Q+A with Autodesk top brass

Published 16 December 2015

Posted by Martyn Day

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As is traditional practice at AU, Autodesk held an afternoon session featuring key executives to give an overview of the mainstage keynotes and to be on hand for the international press to ask questions.

This year the Q&A sessions featured: Andrew Anagnost, senior VP of industry, strategy and marketing, chief technology officer Jeff Kowalski, and president and CEO Carl Bass.

The session opened with Anagnost picking out the customer stories an underlying messages from Kowalski and Bass’ Keynotes, highlighting the work that Autodesk has been doing with Airbus on computer generated solutions to engineering problems.

The big message was that this is a fundamentally different way for design and looking forward, where we can all start to work with computers to solve problems, as opposed to merely document.

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3D copyright firm gets $4m funding

Published 16 September 2015

Posted by Martyn Day

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Rights management for 3D content could soon become more stringent

New York-based start-up, Source3, is developing a platform for licensing and distributing 3D content. It has just announced its first investors, including Autodesk Inc.

Source3 is a firm set up by ex-Google music licensing innovators and ex-3D Systems 3D printing experts. While previously tracking rights managed music on the Internet, the new company focusses on managing and distributing 3D content online with a customisable rights management solution.

Previously, the team developed RightsFlow, a licensing technology for the music industry that was acquired by YouTube in 2011.

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Siemens Solid Edge trials the Cloud for CAD

Published 18 March 2015

Posted by Martyn Day

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A streamed trial of Solid Edge Premium is now available

Solid Edge is experimenting with the cloud by offering a cloud-based streaming 45 day trial version of Solid Edge.

Starting today, on the US Solid Edge trial site and Monday on the equivalent UK Solid Edge site, there will be an alternative 45 day trial option added, which offers the possibility of a ‘streamed’ trial of Solid Edge Premium in addition to the traditional full local download.

The streamed version has access to all the online learning and embedded training and is not feature limited over the download alternative.

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Autodesk scraps its perpetual licensing system

Published 04 February 2015

Posted by Martyn Day

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Autodesk has announced changes to the way its licenses will operate in the future

Sales of boxed AutoCAD built a huge network of resellers around the globe and sold millions of copies of perpetually owned software to customers, but today Autodesk is announcing that from 2016, it will no longer be possible to buy perpetual licenses of its individual products

It will, however, still be possible to acquire perpetual licenses of Suites for some time after.

The company has already announced subscription and term licensing and has moved elements of product fulfillment to web delivery and has added services to its offering within the subscription package.

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Autodesk’s Parisian 3D Printing gallery to head out across Europe

Published 23 October 2014

Posted by Martyn Day

Article tagged with: prototype, design, 3d printing, autodesk, industrial design, manufacture, aerospace, fashion, paris, europe

Autodesk’s Paris gallery is a showcase for its customers work, stretching from architectural structures to Maker projects

With Autodesk’s first European pop-up gallery in the heart of Paris attracting over 1,500 visits in the first four days, the company is now considering other cities for in which to hold the experience.

The software giant already has US-based engagement centres where it showcases customer work, such as at its headquarters in downtown San Francisco, and the Gallery within its fabrication Lab on the city’s Pier 9, but for the first time it has taken its outreach further.

Its first pop-up in the heart of Paris will run for three weeks; the space including a 3D print zone and Fablab, artist in residency, evening events and customer work from architecture, product design, fashion, 3D printing and laser scanning.

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DEVELOP3D Live talks: Mark Sanders, MAS - process of design, engineering and invention

Published 29 June 2012

Posted by Martyn Day

Article tagged with: design, develop3d live, develop3d, mark sanders, mas, bicycles

In the first of our online talks from DEVELOP3D Live we present Mark Sanders of MAS Design.

Mark has been described as ‘the designer’s designer’ and we wholeheartedly agree: If you look at Mark’s fantastic folding bike designs for the Strida and the PacificIF Mode, you will see real innovation and beautifully ingenious solutions to old problems. Mark also develops products for kitchens, such as the Chop2Pot cutting board, OneTouch Jar Opener and OneTouch Can Opener.

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AutoCAD targeted by industrial espionage pirates

Published 22 June 2012

Posted by Martyn Day

Article tagged with: autodesk, autocad, china, peru, pirates

A virus that seems to target AutoCAD DWGs and send them to digital pirates, via China has already stolen tens of thousands of blueprints

Named ACAD/Medre.A, it secretly sends DWGs to Chinese email accounts located at and

The source of the original infection was traced to a drawing template that was initially sent to public bodies in Peru. While nobody knows how long it’s really been out there, ESET security software developers saw a spike in infections two months ago.

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