Bernie, you might need one of these this weekend…

Published 20 April 2012

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: automotive, formula 1, knight xv

Although many of our Formula 1 loving readers can probably list of the venues for the entire season, most of the world are aware that the sport is heading into Bahrain this weekend.

As an ‘unsettled’ nation things have looked decidedly dicey, with teams being threatened and fire bombs being flung - so what better way to get around to the grid if you’re a billionaire playboy (or elder statesman of the sport) than to hoof it away from revolutionary crowds in your own luxury armoured vehicle - like the gargantuan Knight XV from Canada.

It’s not until you see the scale of it when parked next to a Hummer that you can truly understand the scale of the thing - Conquest Vehicles’ flagship product is nearly six metres long, weighs over 8 tons, and upgrades a Ford F550 Super Duty truck chassis to carry ballistic grade glass, aluminium and composites for bullet=proof bulk. It’s not something you’re going to have trouble spotting in a shopping mall car park.

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