Canvas X3 pulls out 3D CAD data for downstream 2D uses

Published 03 February 2020

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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The newly launched Canvas X3 imports all metadata attached to each 3D CAD model, allowing illustrators to document and reference individual model parts for a range of outputs, including a bill of materials.

Canvas X3 CADComposer is the first Canvas product to build on the firm’s partnership with Dassault Systèmes subsidiary Spatial, with the software allows users to import 40 different 3D file types into the Canvas environment, then position, explode, enhance, and annotate these models for use in a huge variety of 2D assets.

The goals is quite logically to give illustrators the ability to handle 3D models and metadata directly without needing the software or training, and removing the need for CAD engineers to supply endless model views for downstream use, saving time and allowing them to prioritise more important activity.

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