Chaos Group releases V-Ray for Unreal update 1

Published 05 June 2019

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Designers will now be able to ray trace every part of their scene in V-Ray from their native Unreal project materials thanks to new support featured in V-Ray for Unreal update 1.

Viewport rendering has also been added in this first update to the realtime renderer, making it easier than ever to produce photorealistic beauty shots and reference checks from within Unreal.

“As the need to create custom applications and configurators continues to grow, the design industry needs more power in one place,” said V-Ray for Unreal product manager Simeon Balabanov. “With support for native Unreal materials, V-Ray for Unreal can offer 100 per cent ray traced accuracy to all workflows, so V-Ray quality is always available, no matter where your project starts.”

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