Desktop Metal launches Live Parts

Published 06 February 2018

Posted by Al Dean

Article tagged with: engineering, solidworks, design, 3d printing, desktop metal, live parts

Perhaps the most exciting announcement out of SolidWorks World doesn’t come from Dassault, but rather from Desktop Metal. The announcement centres around a new technology for additive manufactured part design called Live Parts.

Built by Desktop Metal’s research and innovation group, DM Labs, Live Parts an experimental generative design tool that “applies morphogenetic principles and advanced simulation to shape strong, lightweight parts in minutes.” It uses the power of the GPU multi-physics engine to auto-generates designs in real-time.

This enables users to quickly realise the full potential of additive manufacturing - including material and cost efficiency, and design flexibility. The tool produces functional parts with complex, efficient geometries that are ideally suited for 3D printing. Desktop Metal is also claiming that “For users, Live Parts requires no prior knowledge of design for additive manufacturing techniques or guidelines.”

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