EOS adds camera-based monitoring software for 3D printing quality assurance

Published 19 June 2017

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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EOS’ new optical method of monitoring the 3D printing process means that parts deviating from the ‘normal’ can be quickly identified and marked

EOS is expanding its EOSTATE monitoring suite to include Exposure OT, its first system for optical tomography, which will provides real-time, camera-based monitoring of the additive, metal-based build process, based on the EOS M 290 system.

The solution fully maps each part throughout the build process, layer by layer, regardless of its geometry and size, helping customers meet stringent inspection requirements for each component, particularly in sectors such as aerospace.

With Optical Tomography (OT), the system deploys a high-resolution camera to monitor the exposure process, recording the complete building platform at high frequency in the near-infrared range throughout the entire print, thereby providing detailed data on the melting behavior of the material across the entire build space.

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