EOS polymers Formiga P 110 system kicks on with new Velocis edition

Published 05 June 2018

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: 3d printing, manufacturing, eos, additive manufacturing, materials

With an install base of more than 550 systems, EOS’ Formiga machine family are among the most prevalent polymer 3D printers on the market, which means the promised 20 per cent extra productivity of its new Velocis 3D printer should be of interest.

Based on the Formiga P 110 for additive manufacturing with plastic materials, Velocis’ technical improvements are based around an accelerated heating and re-coating process, as well as an improved temperature distribution in the build chamber of the system.

This is managed by an improved heating system and software control to preheat the polymer material on the build layer, before being fused precisely using a laser beam.

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