GE Additive has been brewing something special for Oktoberfest

Published 26 September 2019

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: cad, simulation, additive manufacturing, ge additive, concept laser, germany, munich, beer

Preparations for the beer-fuelled Oktoberfest are serious business in Germany, but none as much as those taken by the Bavarian brewers of the copious amounts of beer that will be served.

Knowing this, GE Additive’s CEC Munich team stepped in to help Bamberg-based Kaspar Schulz - the oldest brewing equipment manufacturer in the world - to see where additive manufacturing could bring benefits.

With GE Additive’s Concept Laser facility just down the road in Lichtenfels, it was able to tap into some local knowledge as they targeted parts from the industrial brewing equipment that could benefit from additive manufacturing over traditional machining.

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