GE Additive launches first ATLAS concept 3D printer, a big sign of things to come

Published 16 November 2017

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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GE Additive’s beta concept is the first of its ‘metre-class’ 3D printers, with more to come soon

The first beta machine from GE Additive made its debut at Formnext, demonstrating the company is working well with acquisition Concept Laser on developing the next generation of large format metals 3D printer.

The machine has a focus on scaleability for large parts and components, with GE putting in great efforts to overcome the build envelop restrictions of powder-bed printers - motion control, airflow, powder management - yet the scale to which these products will finally grow is still being researched with the company’s customers around the globe.

GE Additive admits that size is still one of the biggest questions facing a metals 3D printing market still figuring out what it needs, and its new beta machine sees them poised with a flexible solution: a 1.1 x 1.1 x 0.3M bid area, with gantry-based architecture firing a new 1kW laser.

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