3D Systems announces new integrated updates for SolidWorks

Published 11 February 2019

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Colour scanning - in this case a canister of ‘squirty cream’ - is now available direct into SolidWorks

Geomagics’ scan-to-SolidWorks powers have been increased as 3D Systems announces new releases for Geomagic for SolidWorks 2019, as well as its 3DXpert software for SolidWorks 14.

A new user interface for Geomagic is only the beginning, with new tools and enhancements aiming to streamline the workflow even further for the modelling process, through new commands for Probe Points, Extract Reference Point and Edit Scan to manipulate multiple scan objects simultaneously.

Colour data capture of scanned objects can now be imported into SolidWorks, providing greater visual clarity for engineers when compared to working with black-and-white images - especially when used for applications like face and body scans as well as long-range scanning for construction and landscape applications.

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