HP launches VR toolkit for Unreal and offers VR workstations for a monthly fee

Published 05 February 2018

Posted by greg corke

Article tagged with: hp, workstations, vr, unreal engine, mixed reality

HP is ramping up its focus on enterprise VR, introducing a special toolkit to help designers bring their 3D models into Unreal Engine and extending its Device as a Service (DaaS) offering to include enterprise VR hardware. The company has also launched a Professional Edition of the HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset.

The HP VR Launch Kit for Unreal Engine is primarily designed to help HP customers in product design and architecture get 3D content out of CAD and into an authored VR experience ‘more quickly and more seamlessly’. It’s the result of an ‘exclusive partnership’ with Epic Games, who develops the 3D game and VR experience creation tool.

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