HP launches ZCentral, a new single source remote workstation solution

Published 03 December 2019

Posted by greg corke

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HP ZCentral currently relies on rack mounted desktop workstations but there are rumours of a forthcoming dedicated 1U rack workstation

HP is making a big play for remote workstations with the introduction of HP ZCentral, a new software suite that allows individuals to connect remotely to a dedicated HP Z workstation, or IT managers to create pools of HP Z workstations for groups to share.

HP ZCentral is not an entirely new technology. The remoting software, HP ZCentral Remote Boost Software, is really just an evolution and rebranding of HP RGS (Remote Graphics Software). But there are some important new features, including integrated collaboration tools whereby users can easily share screens, and better image quality at high resolutions through image scaling.

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