HP’s new 3D printing system upgrade targets injection moulding industry, adds new materials

Published 09 November 2017

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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End-part manufacturing is the goal for HP’s 3D printing aspirations

HP hopes that its new high-volume 3D printing ‘system upgrade’, billed HP Jet Fusion 3D 4210, plus an expansion of materials will unlock 3D manufacturing’s economies of scale, as it looks to raise the ‘break-even point’ to 110,000 and enable what would be the industry’s lowest cost-per-part.

The new solution includes hardware and firmware upgrades for existing Jet Fusion systems to improve overall system efficiency and enable continuous operation, including a new processing station capable of handling significantly higher materials volumes.

The upgrade is available at present to those that purchased the initial 4200 3D printer, and will be commercially available in March 2018.

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