Hyve-3D provides a new immersive interface for 3D content creation

Published 13 August 2014

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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A new world of immersive 3D sketching and collaboration in the Hyve-3D

Hyve-3D is an interesting new project to come out of the University of Montreal, allowing 3D content creation via embodied and collaborative 3D sketching, taking you into the 3D model itself.

Lead researcher Professor Tomás Dorta, of the university’s School of Design, explained from its presentation at Siggraph: “The system is a full scale immersive 3D environment. Users create drawings on hand-held tablets. They can then use the tablets to manipulate the sketches to create a 3D design within the space.”

The tablets are hooked up to the high resolution projector running off a standard MacBook, displaying in realtime across the projection of the image onto a five metre diameter spherically-concave screen, via a domed mirror. In short - it’s cheap and cheerful.

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