IKEA’s Democratic Design Days 2019 adds new products & collaborations with a view to a better world

Published 04 June 2019

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: design, manufacture, tech, furniture, ikea

IKEA’s Democratic Design Days (DDD) have been a low-key launch of various new designs and collaborations for a few years now, with this year bringing the scope of a new vision of its own five dimensions of design.

“We want the form to contribute to making everyday life a little bit more joyful and beautiful. Function means that the product meets all the needs of everyday life. Quality means that our products last over time. And the low price makes the product accessible to the many people. Lastly, sustainability is about much more than just the choice of material or how something is manufactured. We want to take long-term responsibility all the way from how we source the material, to the people who are producing it, and all the way on to the customer.”

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