Inkbit’s ‘AI managed’ Additive Manufacturing platform gets funding to scale

Published 04 November 2019

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: manufacturing, stratasys, additive manufacturing, materials, 3m, ocado, inkbit

Inkbit’s multi-material jetting additive manufacturing platform, which uses machine vision and AI to correct systematic errors and compensate for material shrinkage and distortion, has come further into focus following funding from Stratasys, DSM, Ocado and 3M among others.

Proceeds of the $12M funding round will be used to industrialise Inkbit’s additive manufacturing system to fit the requirements of multi-material and volume manufacturing, as well as expanding the set of materials for medical, life sciences and robotics applications.

2D material jetting is currently used across a range of industrial processes, such as ceramic and textile manufacturing. While its 3D counterpart is well proven in prototyping applications, limited material choice has restricted its use in production.

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