Leica launch new BLK2GO mobile spatial 3D scanner

Published 13 June 2019

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: manufacturing, additive manufacturing, 3d scanning, 3d scanner, hexagon, factory, hexagon metrology, leica geosystems

Those readying the factories of the future or simply trying to better plan out their workspaces should probably take note of the latest handheld 3D scanner from Hexagon’s Leica Geosystems.

A wireless handheld imaging laser scanner captures 3D environments while the user is in motion, and continuously creates a digital representation of reality in the form of 3D point clouds - perfect for judging how to set out your additive manufacturing set-up, let alone whether it will fit through the front door.

The BLK2GO’s compact and handheld design allows a much greater degree of mobility, and a simple, one-button operation and a lightweight design, it is easy to use for professional and casual users alike.

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