Materialise Magics 22 looks to hit industrial 3D printing’s automation and optimisation sweet spot

Published 09 November 2017

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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New honeycomb feature in Materialise Magics 22

The new updates to the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite, including Magics 22 and Inspector 3, look to speed up the 3D printing workflow while tailoring it for industrial levels of output.

Magics 22 includes new design features such as the honeycomb structure, which reduces weight without sacrificing strength, and the shelling feature that reduces a part’s material consumption without changing its functional design.

Improved workflow and design optimisation tools offer an increase in speed and a reduction of material consumption, while the new version promises the user faster generation of metal support structures, create denser laser sintering platforms, and the ability to fit more parts on stereolithography, DLP and FDM platforms.

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