MIT develops system to break down complex designs into simpler shapes for custom manufacturing

Published 03 January 2019

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: cad, design, 3d printing, manufacturing, mit

MIT researchers have devised a technique that reverse engineers complex CAD models — breaking them down into individual shapes to easier customise and manufacture

In presentation at AMC SIGGRAPH Asia conference, MIT researchers announced its system that breaks down CAD models into their primitive shapes, such as spheres and cuboids.

At present, while designers use CAD to create and assemble individual shapes into a final object; the MIT researchers’ method does the reverse, disassembling the CAD models into individual shapes that can be edited.

As input, the system takes a 3-D triangle mesh and first determines the individual shapes that make it up, before Program Synthesis goes through all the shapes to figure out how the shapes were put together and assembled into a final model.

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