New AI platform launched to detect ‘3D printed gun’ designs

Published 01 August 2018

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Flagg3D is a platform designed to detect and flag unsuitable and prohibited 3D content on sites, platforms, networks and databases, powered by proprietary shape recognition technology

A new AI tool, Flagg3D, has launched, claiming to trace and flag the digital files of 3D printable gun blueprints for administrators of 3D content sharing and collaboration sites, as well as online 3D printing platforms and bureaux.

Powered by proprietary 3D shape recognition algorithms, the Flagg3D platform states it is able to scan large 3D databases and networks at scale, whilst also analysing inbound 3D designs in real time.

The machine-learning based platform matches against existing known gun parts, as well as similar and related designs, thus identifying and flagging unsuitable content.

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