On the case – G-Form’s tough love for your gadgets and limbs

Published 17 November 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: solidworks, rapid prototyping, prime cuts, protection, g-form, body armour, ipad case

As our lives become inescapably dominated by gadgets and gizmos we find ourselves buying all manner of cases in order to protect them.

If you need something as hard as nails, tough as old boots, built like a brick shithouse, and offering more protection than… well, you come up with an analogy; this is what you’re after – a G-Form iPad Sleeve.

Taking its design cues from the laboratory, its athletic impact protection equipment (elbow and knee pads from skateboarding, shin guards from mountain biking) is made of a new breed of ‘Smart’ materials that absorb energy rather than merely cushioning impact through bulk or thickness; enough to protect your iPad from a 60ft drop, or being run over by a car.

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