Panasonic launches lightweight UHD OLED VR headset

Published 10 January 2020

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: design, vr, tech, hmd, panasonic

Panasonic’s latest entry into the world of high-end VR HMDs is a paired back form that packs in a lot of punch - bringing High Dynamic Range (HDR) capable ultra high definition (UHD) into a pair of glasses.

With a slight steam-punk/welder/early arctic explorer vibe, the VR glasses are equipped with two micro OLED panels, co-developed by Kopin Corporation and Panasonic, while an optical module newly developed by the pair and 3M Company, allows the display of ‘natural and distortion-free’ images in single focus.

Packing this into such a compact and lightweight design with recognisable glasses-not-goggles shape only adds to the appeal - although we’ll have to wait and see if the design is as comfortable as Panasonic claims without a headband.

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