Prodways downsize with new DLP desktop 3D Printer

Published 05 June 2018

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Prodways has announced its new compact ProMaker LD-3 desktop 3D printer with the goal of implementing its 3D printing technology into production processes for dental and jewellery industries.

With a build area of 64 x 120 x 130mm, the printer is offered in industry specific packages for dental and jewellery, and works with three existing Prodways resins - PLASTCure Model 320, PLASTCure Clear 200 and PLASTCure Cast 300 HD.

Inline with Prodways’ ‘Moving Light’ technology production 3D printers, ProMaker LD3 features a moving DLP projector with a native pixel resolution of 50µm, and a layer thickness range that goes from 25 to 100µm, giving high resolution parts.

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