Radan Designer launches as specialist sheet metal CAD/CAM from Hexagon

Published 29 October 2019

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: solidworks, manufacturing, manufacture, cam, hexagon, radan

Hexagon is billing its new Radan Designer software as a pivotal part of Radan’s functionality as the “ultimate solution for taking geometry through to manufacture”, even allowing full CAD assemblies to be imported for accurate cost quoting.

Used for preparing parts for bending, nesting and cutting, in workflows such as model design to part repair and modification, the new module contains a material library and several calculation methods to create the correct unfolded shape.

“Unfolding parameters such as bend allowances, can be controlled independently of the geometry, leading to more accurate flat blanks, more accurate folding, and ultimately, to a higher quality product,” explained product manager Olaf Körner.

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