Tailored Fibre Placement poses new options for designers

Published 02 August 2018

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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ZSK expects its new Tailored Fibre Placement to increase the use of composites in industry verticals such as automotive

German supplier ZSK has launched a series of innovations for Tailored Fibre Placement (TFP), an interesting carbon composite manufacturing technique, which offers to dramatically cuts costs and offer new possibilities for improved component design.

Unlike the conventional approach of weaving the fibres of a composite into a perpendicular arrangement then cutting the fabric to the required shape, TFP arranges the functional fibres in bundles exactly where they are most needed for structural performance and stitches them into position on a compatible base layer.

ZSK commits that this gives ‘absolute freedom of positioning’, allowing fibres to be placed in the optimum directions to carry the loads, ensures that they do not move during processing, and cuts fibre wastage to just three per cent instead of the usual 30-70 per cent on a typical automotive component.

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