Test your metal: ExOne’s Innovent 3D printer for materials R&D

Published 26 January 2015

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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The ‘laboratory-sized’ ExOne Innovent machine allows for testing material properties

ExOne has launched the Innovent, and industrial-grade, ‘laboratory-sized’ machine, to allow for testing material properties.

Balancing a specific build size for the technical qualification of materials with a smaller overall lab machine platform size, compared with ExOne’s industrial-grade 3D printers, this is a baby at at 65 x 160 x 65mm. sized to fit specifically in educational institutions, research laboratories, and research and development (R&D) departments at commercial organisations.

Similar to the company’s M-Flex, Innovent’s software and mechanical components incorporate ExOne’s most recent technology, operating a print head to selectively dispense micro-droplets of binder into very thin layers of powdered metal.

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