Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle adds automated material management

Published 24 September 2019

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: 3d printing, ultimaker

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle has emerged, throwing the Ultimaker S5 3D printer into cahoots with the new Ultimaker S5 Air Manager and Ultimaker S5 Material Station, which integrate with each other for automated 3D printing.

This solution has been tested to be left unattended 24/7 and according to Ultimaker, significantly improves the 3D printing workflow and productivity, giving engineers the flexibility to spend more time on doing their design work and less time managing and monitoring [read: shouting at and kicking] their desktop 3D printer.

The Ultimaker S5 Air Manager provides a closed, inside-out air flow for the Ultimaker S5, leading to a better controlled environment inside the printer and reportedly filters out up to 95 per cent of all ultrafine particles created while printing.

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