Ultrahaptics and Leap Motion join forces for virtual interaction

Published 05 June 2019

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: vr, tech, haptics, ultrahaptics, leap motion

Ultrahaptics and Leap Motion, both leaders in mid-air haptics, contactless interfaces and hand tracking technologies, have announced a deal that will combine their expertise with hope of making the technology more mainstream for the likes of designers and engineers.

Ultrahaptics’ technology projects ultrasound-driven tactile sensations onto users’ hands to let them ‘feel’ and interact with virtual objects and controls in mid-air, with no need for wearables, controllers or touchscreens.

Leap Motion is a world leader in hand tracking technology that can be embedded into any product, including VR and AR headsets, and has been licensed for everything from design software to medical training.

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