Volvo engineers put on Varjo MR headset then test new designs while driving real cars on the road

Published 29 May 2019

Posted by greg corke

Article tagged with: automotive, product design, vr, varjo, mixed reality

The Varjo VR-1 ‘human-eye resolution’ VR headset launched earlier this year. And we were very impressed.

Now Varjo has expanded into mixed reality with the XR-1 Developer Edition, a headset which it says achieves the dream of ‘Hard AR’ where you can no longer tell apart what is real and what is virtual.

Swedish auto maker Volvo Cars is a big believer in the technology. Its Tech Fund has invested in Varjo and has been testing XR-1 prototypes since summer 2018. Its engineers are taking real cars out on test drives while wearing an XR-1 headset, so they can assess the interior designs of future cars before they are built.

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