The Chris Randles interview

Published: 13/04/2011

SpaceClaim’s British CEO in conversation with Martyn Day

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The Jim Heppelmann interview

Published: 23/02/2011

Martyn Day in conversation with PTC’s CEO

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Autodesk Carl Bass

The Carl Bass interview

Published: 01/02/2011

DEVELOP3D talks cloud, PLM, CAM and Sudoku with Autodesk’s CEO

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Creative Force

Published: 24/09/2010

We speak to the team behind bespoke high performance computing experts Dezineforce

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Q & A with T-Splines’ Matt Sederberg

Published: 23/09/2010

We speak with the surface modeling add-on for Rhino’s co-founder

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Healthcare reform

Published: 04/02/2010

Chris Lawrie welcomes a new era in medical design and manufacture

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Autodesk product development

Published: 23/09/2009

Autodesk CEO Carl Bass in conversation with Martyn Day

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Communicating via 3D

Published: 28/11/2008

Dassault Systèmes CEO Bernard Charles gives an exclusive interview

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Visiting the Spacemouse mothership

Published: 21/10/2008

Al Dean speaks to 3Dconnexion Chairman Dieter Neujahr about 3D navigation

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Seminal thoughts

Published: 20/10/2008

Martyn Day talks to John Clendening, senior vice president of marketing communications for Siemens PLM

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