Pump action

Geomagic to the rescue in fixing a damaged electrical plant

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Autodesk University 2008

Martyn Day and Al Dean report from AU 2008 in Las Vegas

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Material gains

Composites - slow on the uptake

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The fast and the furious

The new X-Bow has the exhilaration of a motorbike on four wheels

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Teetering on the edge of space

Josh Mings explores the role of multi-touch in the future of 3D interaction in product development

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The Chapulin

Once upon a street in Mexico

Hop on a grasshopper when travelling in Mexico City

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Childs play - The world of LEGO

The building blocks of design at LEGO

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Rhino 4

Martyn Day explores the latest version of the versatile 3D tool

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