Gems of design

Published: 28/11/2008

The old artisan world of jewelley design gets technical with 3D design

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The fast and the furious

Published: 29/10/2008

The new X-Bow has the exhilaration of a motorbike on four wheels

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Heavy metal

Published: 28/10/2008

Stephen Holmes takes a look at some motorised heavyweights

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Best foot forward

Published: 27/10/2008

We look at how Timberland uses rapid prototyping to great effect

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Parker domnick hunter

A breath of fresh air

Published: 22/10/2008

Old school model making mixed with prototyping techniques helped bring the CBRN filtration system to market

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Managing simulation knowledge at Sogeti

Published: 19/10/2008

Sogeti achieves new performance highs through MSC Software

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The Chapulin

Once upon a street in Mexico

Published: 18/09/2008

Hop on a grasshopper when travelling in Mexico City

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Childs play - The world of LEGO

Published: 12/09/2008

The building blocks of design at LEGO

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A conversation with Gordon Murray

Published: 16/07/2008

The racing legend discusses his design process

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