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16 March 2009

Kent Periscopes has been designing with military precision for over 75 years, but as the battlefield changes it has had to adapt to keep its manoeuvres ahead of the field

Short notice, low volume requests for military equipment require all the precision and durability of a piece of kit with years of planning, but are often needed in a fraction of the time. One of the company’s most recent projects was a periscope for an armoured vehicle.
To supply 25 castings in just three weeks the firm from St. Asaph, Denbighshire, turned to rapid prototyping, tooling and manufacturing specialist ARRK.

A total of 25 periscope castings were manufactured

Kent Periscopes built up its 3D CAD designs in SolidWorks and AutoCAD, and then passed the data to ARRK, who moved the job to its in-house foundry based in Gloucester that it uses to cast in aluminium or zinc. The next step involved producing a standard stereolithography model, from which patternmakers and foundrymen produced a tool to obtain the casts.

Short notice, low volume requests for military equipment require all the precision and durability of a piece of kit with years of planning, but are often needed in a fraction of the time

The urgent operation equipment, designed for immediate use in Afghanistan, was to be in a finished condition including inserts, alochrome and paint. This was further enhanced down to the last details of being sprayed with a non infrared detection coating to help hide from night imaging devices.
By having the periscopes speedily put together through the in house process, a lot of time was saved over the usual process – a typical investment casting process can take up to ten weeks.

Foundry manager at ARRK PDG John Hill, said: “Using ARRK’s RPM service to deliver aluminium castings the client is able to validate the original SLA master very quickly before committing to further downstream processes,” adding that having SLA and foundry specialists working together has other benefits. “They are able to advise on the manufacturability of the client’s design so that if any modifications are required it is done at this stage rather than later where the client will have lost valuable time and money.”

The final products have already been shipped out to troops, ready to be fitted to an undisclosed type of armoured vehicle for immediate action in the ultimate testing ground – military action in Afghanistan.
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Nice quality.  No nsosenne.  Picks up some stray X from industrial parks or commercial buildings occasionally in Highway mode if buildings are adjacent to interstate, BUT these signals easily discerned giving only one bar on strength meter, and a couple warning only chirps.  However, first night out, I had my unit reach three bars, light up the entire display like a Christmas tree, blip the periscopes constantly, basically seemed like the thing was going to implode ( scary ), and then I saw the cop!  He was about 3/4 mile away, opposite side of interstate facing me with a victim pulled over, lights flashing.  Caught him a second time while exiting an off ramp in a hotel parking lot perpendicular to me prior to that with another victim!  Big, bad, Dodge Hemi cruiser, all painted up with intimidating graphics.  Big bad , muscle car, chase car with undoubtedly the latest radar.  All I know is that this little $38 Whistler smells his butt a mile away like a geiger counter detecting radiation!  He hangs in the same geographic area around my workplace constantly busting people (a real worka ho lic), but now I can smell him a mile away for $38!  Me like!

Posted by Zirra on Monday 25 2012 at 08:10 PM

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