South of the river

Published: 31/07/2009 | Process types: Design, Manage, Prototype, Visualise

How are universities and students being affected by the recession?

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Solid Edge with ST2

Published: 26/06/2009 | Process types: Design

Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology 2.0 helping make light work of complex processes

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Autodesk Inventor 2010

Published: 26/06/2009 | Process types: Design, Manufacture, Simulate, Visualise

Autodesk moves closer to its digital prototyping vision with the Inventor 2010

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Business travel is a necessary nightmare

Published: 12/06/2009 | Process types:

Al Dean prefers to do business face to face

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Product design - understanding physical constraints

Published: 12/06/2009 | Process types:

Joe Moak avoids undesirable stresses and failures

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Dimension Printing uPrint

Published: 12/06/2009 | Process types: Prototype

Solid value in 3D Printing with a new low cost rapid prototyping machine

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SpacePilot Pro

Published: 12/06/2009 | Process types: Design, Hardware

A supremely impressive 3D control device

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Cabin fever

Published: 12/06/2009 | Process types: Design, Manufacture, Prototype

3D printing makes a big difference to small firm In-CAD

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Marin bikes

Published: 12/06/2009 | Process types: Design, Prototype

Pioneering mountain bike manufacturer blazes a trail with Inventor

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Boys toys

Published: 29/05/2009 | Process types: Design, Visualise

The latest in toy technology, including the design behind Scalextic

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