Careful with those fillets

Published: 02/03/2009 | Process types: Design

John Tumelty recommends caution when using the fillet tool

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Making beautiful music

Published: 20/02/2009 | Process types: Design

An icon of the music industry, Korg explain how collaborative 3D design keeps them in tune

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Teaching old dogs new tricks

Published: 20/02/2009 | Process types: Manage

Unemployment can be a time to refresh your CAD knowledge, says Martyn Day

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Driving efficiency

Published: 20/02/2009 | Process types: Collaborate

Collaboration drives excellence to new heights at Bentley Motors

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Pedal Power

Published: 19/02/2009 | Process types: Design

Karbon Kinetics brings power to the pedal with Gocycle

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L’Easy Rider

Published: 16/02/2009 | Process types:

NX gives Velo Science the winning edge in racing bike design

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Jurassic Parts

Published: 16/02/2009 | Process types: Collaborate

Playmobil defeats the deadline monster with VISI software

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Bass-bin boom

Published: 13/02/2009 | Process types: Design, Simulate

Innovative desktop speakers from Altec Lansing and a colossal PA system from JBL

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AMD PhenomX

AMD Phenom II X4 processor

Published: 13/02/2009 | Process types: Hardware, Manage

AMD’s latest offering gives solid performance at a competitive price

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Look at the design process from a new perspective

Published: 11/02/2009 | Process types: Design

Josh Mings turns the design process on its head

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