Autodesk University 2008

Published: 13/01/2009 | Process types: Collaborate, Design, Manage, Manufacture, Prototype, Simulate, Visualise

Martyn Day and Al Dean report from AU 2008 in Las Vegas

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Workstations - Surviving the economic downturn

Published: 11/01/2009 | Process types: Hardware

Robbie Jamieson stares into the financial abyss - and comes out smiling

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Workstation enhanced

Published: 09/01/2009 | Process types: Manage

CAD2 is a specialist workstation vendor which boasts superior knowledge of CAD software

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Street machine

Published: 09/01/2009 | Process types: Design, Prototype, Visualise

Bombadier on pushing forward its design for powersports

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HP EliteBook 8730w

Published: 09/01/2009 | Process types: Hardware

Exceptional colour and depth - at a price

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Ice, ice, baby

Published: 09/01/2009 | Process types: Design, Prototype

We strap ourselves in for some winter sports, and a non-snow alternative

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Material gains

Published: 09/01/2009 | Process types: Collaborate, Manufacture

Composites - slow on the uptake

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HP DreamColor LP2480xz

Published: 08/01/2009 | Process types: Design, Hardware

The DreamColor LP2480xz takes display technologies for CAD to new levels

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To infinity and beyond!

Published: 07/01/2009 | Process types: Hardware

Evolution is good. Revolution is better, says Martyn Day

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Lenovo ThinkPad W500

Lenovo ThinkPad W500

Published: 06/01/2009 | Process types: Hardware

A good all round CAD machine, and portable too

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