Review: BOXX Apexx A3 [3rd Gen AMD Ryzen]

Published: 10/12/2019 | Process types:

Delivers an impressive performance for rendering with no compromise for CAD

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Extended Reality journey

Published: 22/11/2019 | Process types:

Katharine Edmonds explains importance of building a roadmap before jumping into VR, AR & MR

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Off the beaten track

Published: 21/11/2019 | Process types:

Rurok Industries on the trail of design innovation

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Back in the saddle

Published: 20/11/2019 | Process types:

Artec3D and Cerebra’s custom riding helmet

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Review: AMD Radeon Pro W5700

Published: 19/11/2019 | Process types:

Designed for demanding workflows, real-time visualisation, virtual reality and GPU rendering

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Mind control

Published: 19/11/2019 | Process types:

Neural interface research at Imperial College London

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First look: HoloLens 2

Published: 18/11/2019 | Process types:

Updated mixed reality headset boosted with cloud connectivity

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PTC/Onshape tie-up

Published: 14/11/2019 | Process types:

Will it lead to true innovation of the tools on which product designers rely?

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Review: Luxion KeyShot 9.0

Published: 13/11/2019 | Process types:

Now supports GPU rendering through Nvidia RTX ray tracing and AI denoising

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Hot lines

Published: 12/11/2019 | Process types:

How HMD Global is reinvigorating the Nokia brand

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