Product: Review: AMD Radeon Pro WX 4100 GPU

Company: AMD

Review date: 06/04/2017

Price: £252 + VAT* (*price from 4/4/17)

Cements the role of the Small Form Factor workstation as a workhorse 3D CAD machine Read more

Product: Review: Markforged Onyx One

Company: Markforged

Review date: 28/03/2017

Price: € 3,999

A serious 3D printing desktop machine at a lower entry level price Read more

Product: Review: Ultimaker 3 Extended

Company: Ultimaker

Review date: 27/03/2017

Price: € 3,695

A desktop 3D printer that’s perfectly suited to professional users Read more

Product: Review: Scan 3XS Ultimate 2D Plus with Quadro P4000 GPU

Company: Scan

Review date: 22/03/2017

Price: on application

A ‘VR Ready’ workstation that delivers huge advances in graphics processing Read more

Product: Review: Armari Magnetar V25

Company: Armari

Review date: 22/02/2017

Price: £2,995 + VAT

An elegant workstation specifically designed for enterprise VR Read more

Product: Review: Nvidia Quadro P2000 and Quadro P4000 for CAD, viz & VR

Company: Nvidia

Review date: 05/02/2017

Price: See text

We get hands-on with Nvidia’s new ‘Pascal’ CAD and ‘VR Ready’ professional GPUs Read more

Product: Review: Scan 3XS Ultimate 3D with Nvidia Quadro P6000 GPU

Company: Scan

Review date: 19/01/2017

Price: £9,583 + VAT

A powerful 3D workstation for rendering, VR and real time viz Read more

Product: Review: AMD Radeon Pro WX 5100

Company: AMD

Review date: 19/01/2017

Price: £354 + VAT* *price taken from

A mid-range GPU designed for demanding 3D design workflows Read more

Product: Review: WS-X1100S / Nvidia Quadro P5000

Company: Workstation Specialists

Review date: 14/12/2016

Price: £4,916 + VAT

Exceptional 3D graphics performance with the help of the impressive Quadro P5000 Read more

Product: Review: AMD Radeon Pro WX7100 GPU

Company: AMD

Review date: 18/11/2016

Price: $799 / £649

This new workstation GPU is breaking down barriers to Virtual Reality (VR) Read more

Product: CAD on 4K displays

Review date: 12/09/2016

4K offers CAD users an experience that simply cannot be matched by a FHD display Read more

Product: Review: Dell Precision 5510 mobile workstation

Review date: 12/09/2016

A mid-range CAD workstation, coupled with excellent portability and enviable good looks Read more

Product: Workstations for simulation (FEA)

Review date: 08/09/2016

How to get more for your money when speccing a FEA workstation Read more

Product: Review: BOXX APEXX 2 + BOXX renderPRO 2

Review date: 08/09/2016

This optimized bundle delivers dedicated machines for CAD and rendering Read more

Product: Review: Scan 3XS GW-HS10

Company: Scan

Review date: 08/06/2016

Price: £1,150 + VAT

An attractive option to most SFF workstations, with the potential for high-end graphics Read more

Product: Review: Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga

Company: Lenovo

Review date: 07/06/2016

Price: £1,199 + VAT

Offers the performance of an entry-level CAD mobile workstation with the flexibility of a tablet Read more

Product: HP launches Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printers

Company: HP 3D Printing

Review date: 17/05/2016

Price: Starting over $100,000

A first look at HP’s hotly anticipated, production ready 3D printer Read more

Product: Review: Nvidia Quadro M2000 GPU for CAD & Iray rendering

Company: Nvidia

Review date: 16/05/2016

Price: £455

We put Nvidia’s new CAD-focused GPU through its paces with Creo, SolidWorks & Fusion 360 Read more

Product: Lenovo ThinkPad P70

Company: Lenovo

Review date: 06/05/2016

Price: £2,539

Delivering 3D performance for demanding CAD and design viz specialists Read more

Product: Review: HP Z240 SFF workstation

Company: HP

Review date: 15/03/2016

Price: TBC

A mid-range SFF workstation with the new powerful AMD FirePro W4300 GPU Read more

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